Thursday, July 30, 2015

Example of one of the most successful awarenss campaigns ever! BUT, was it true?

Some of you might have heard of a campaign called KONY 2012 back in 2011.  Created by an organization called "Invisible Children," this "charity organization" focuses on Africa, and the horrible reality of "child soldiers" being forced to fight in wars.

This is a VERY important issue, and it is IMPORTANT for people all around the world to be AWARE of what is going on in Africa.  BUT, HOW can we really help them, and WHAT should we REALLY be DOING?  These are questions people asked about KONY 2012, and the answers (or lack of them) made people think TWICE about the message Invisible Children was expressing.

BUT, the YouTube video Invisible Children made went "viral" just like Gangnam Style did.  And until Gangnam Style broke the record,  the following KONY 2012 video was THE FASTEST video in history to reach millions and millions of views in a short time.



Watch the video, and see HOW it makes you think, and encourages you to TAKE ACTION.  What are the supporters of this cause doing?  How are they spreading their message?  Is there any reason WHY we shouldn't do what Invisible Children is asking us to do?

While it might not be wise to accept EVERYTHING in the video, we all have to admit: this is a VERY convincing video that really MOVES peoples EMOTIONS.  And this is a VERY important ingredient when it comes to raising awareness.

So, what did you learn?  What methods from KONY 2012 can you borrow and adjust?

How about a Flash Mob?


Or a picket?

Whatever methods you decide to use during camp, HAVE FUN and BE RESPONSIBLE and CREATIVE!

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