Monday, August 15, 2016

GLPS 26 Final Performance

All classes did a great job at the final performance showing us their Global Awareness campaigns.  Congratulations on a job well done.

Elementary Students Classes 8-14:

Middle School Classes 18-24:

Sunday, August 14, 2016

GLPS 26 Final Performance

Thank you to all of the classes for a job well done.  GLPS was alive with posters, chalk art, T-shirts and much more to raise awareness about the important topics affecting the world today.

The final performance was held on Thursday evening and the winners were...

Elementary- 1st prize Class 14- Gender Inequality
                2nd prize Class 10- Hygiene: Kill the Germs

Middle School- 1st prize Class 22- The History of W.O.P (Don't Walk and Text)
                     2nd prize Class 21- Coffee Dependency: Coffee Murders Sleep

Congratulations! Here is a look back at all of the campaigns:

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Welcome GLPS 26

GLPS has got Talent Event- Thursday Week 1
GLPS has started off with the "GLPS has got talent" event.  All classes pitched their ideas for creating a Global Awareness Campaign about a topic and competed in a "Minute to Win it" style pitch.  As a result, each class now has a topic and we look forward to sharing the campaigns with you.

Friday, January 22, 2016

GLPS 25 Final Performance

GLPS 25 has come to an end.  Thank you to all of the classes who worked hard to create a campaign and raise awareness for their topic.  The performances were educational, fun, creative and impressive.  The winners at last night's performance were:
A look back at the campaigns:
Here are the performances for classes 9-14:
Here are the performances for classes 18-22: 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Global Awareness Final Performances 2015

Thank you to all of the classes.  It truly was a success due to all of your hard work.  The winners of the performances were:

Active- Elementary level
1st place - Class 6 Take off your mask! Be yourself online!
2nd place- Class 4 Improving Child Seatbelts

Active- Middle level
1st place- Class 16 Animal Testing
2nd place-Class 14 Turn off the Lights!

Classic- Elementary level
1st place- Class 12
2nd place- Class 11

Classic- Middle level
1st place- Class 20 Animals are NOT Fashion!
2nd place- Class 21 Empty Playgrounds

Best Class Campaign (Active)- Class 6 Take off your mask! Be yourself online!
Best Class Campaign (Classic)- Class 23 Dead Health Society


Here are videos of the performances, enjoy!

Active Program- Elementary & Middle School

Classic Middle School

Classic Elementary School

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What is an "awareness campaign" ?

Stop Global Warming. Stop Racism. Stop Bullying. Stop AIDS. Drink Milk. Start Recycling. Don't Text and Drive. Don't Drink and Drive.  If your dog poops in the park, clean it up!

What do all these sentences have in common? Where have you seen or heard them before? How did you hear them?  Why do you remember them? Do you believe in them? WHY do you believe in them?

The answers to all the above questions involve "awareness" through a "campaign." Everyday, the world around us is trying to communicate with us.  TV advertisements about new shoes are trying to get us to buy those shoes.  Billboards along the road showing beautiful women drinking soda are trying to get us to drink that soda.  Politicians making speeches are trying to get us to vote for them. Even schools making you wear a school uniform and sing a school song are trying to say something.  Generally, the world around us is ALWAYS trying to communicate with us whether we like it or not.  Most of the time, it is to gain money for a company through an "ad campaign."  But some of the time, it is a concerned group of people who want to change the way society works or thinks.  This is what we call an "awareness campaign." 
According to Wikipedia:

Consciousness raising (also called awareness raising) is a form of political activism, popularized by United States feminists in the late 1960s. It often takes the form of a group of people attempting to focus the attention of a wider group of people on some cause or condition. Common issues include diseases (e.g. breast cancer, AIDS), conflicts (e.g. the Darfur genocide, global warming), movements (e.g. Greenpeace, PETA, Earth Hour), and political parties or politicians. Since informing the populace of a public concern is often regarded as the first step to changing how the institutions handle it, raising awareness is often the first activity in which any advocacy group engages.

 During GLPS 21, YOU and YOUR class are going to form an "advocacy group," and YOU are going to be a part of an "awareness campaign."

Can you think of some campaigns?  Brainstorm as a class, and think about some from the past and some that are popular now.  What makes them work?  Are they effective? Why?

Here are some examples. Look at them, and discuss what they are trying to tell us:


Notice that "creativity" is very important to all of the above images.  Without a lot of words, the images say something and MAKE PEOPLE THINK.  That is the most important thing in an awareness campaign.   So, here is how the Global Awareness Program at GLPS works.  Each week at camp will be different.  Here is the plan!


During Discovery Week, your class has to "discover" WHAT issue you want to campaign during GLPS.   With your teacher, you will BRAINSTORM and MIND MAP some ideas, and try to come up with something ORIGINAL and CREATIVE that will get GLPS students THINKING.  Make sure it is an issue you ALL FEEL PASSIONATELY ABOUT! :)


During “Strategy Week,” you now have to plan and create the materials and activities that will bring your issue to life!  Work together in small groups called a “Task Force” that will be in charge of one aspect of your campaign! Maybe, it will look something like this:
Design Task Force: students in this group will design posters, flyers, and visuals for Social Media etc.  Remember, this is an important part of EVERY kind of campaign.

Performance Task Force: students in this group will perhaps create a song and dance, or a presentation or YouTube video, that will creatively illustrate the issue. Entire class should participate with the Task Force guiding them with their plan.  You have to work quickly! During Week 3 there will be a contest in the auditorium!

Public Relations Task Force: students in this group will organize and spread the word about the issue through social media, contacting the public (through governments, parents, and petitions etc), and basically be the brains that gets the message out!  Maybe you will even plan a FLASH MOB with the Performance Task Force!
Research and Communications Task Force: students in this group will create the slogans, do the research, and work together with the rest of the groups to make the campaign work as one group.  You may want to post things on this blog for your friends and parents to see.  Basically, you work with all the groups to make sure everyone is informed and working together!
Basically, Strategy Week is all about creating and organizing and team work. Students will learn what it is like to work in small groups that compose a bigger group.


Action Week is all about ACTION! This is when you are ready to run with your campaign and DO everything you PLANNED in Strategy Week.  The KMLA campus should be decorated with posters, thought provoking messages, and perhaps we will even see some Picketing or even FLASH MOBS in the cafeteria during lunch time! 

There will be a contest in the Auditorium on January 21st, Tuesday! You can do ANYTHING YOU WANT on stage for 15 minutes.  You can sign, dance, act, or present! There are NO RULES as long as the audience THINKS about YOUR MESSAGE! 


This has been an overview of WHAT an "awareness campaign" IS, and WHAT you are going to be doing for the next THREE WEEKS.  It isn't that much time, SO GET BUSY and HAVE FUN!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Star Performer - Week 2

Here are two "Star Students" chosen by Miss Oakey this week.  How to be a Star Student?  Contribute idea, take pride in your work, and show your ability to lead or follow proactively within your group.  These students have been doing just that! Congrats to them all:

Minjoon Kim - Class 23

Ga-ram Lee - Class 20

Kyeong-Won Min - Class 21

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Example of one of the most successful awarenss campaigns ever! BUT, was it true?

Some of you might have heard of a campaign called KONY 2012 back in 2011.  Created by an organization called "Invisible Children," this "charity organization" focuses on Africa, and the horrible reality of "child soldiers" being forced to fight in wars.

This is a VERY important issue, and it is IMPORTANT for people all around the world to be AWARE of what is going on in Africa.  BUT, HOW can we really help them, and WHAT should we REALLY be DOING?  These are questions people asked about KONY 2012, and the answers (or lack of them) made people think TWICE about the message Invisible Children was expressing.

BUT, the YouTube video Invisible Children made went "viral" just like Gangnam Style did.  And until Gangnam Style broke the record,  the following KONY 2012 video was THE FASTEST video in history to reach millions and millions of views in a short time.



Watch the video, and see HOW it makes you think, and encourages you to TAKE ACTION.  What are the supporters of this cause doing?  How are they spreading their message?  Is there any reason WHY we shouldn't do what Invisible Children is asking us to do?

While it might not be wise to accept EVERYTHING in the video, we all have to admit: this is a VERY convincing video that really MOVES peoples EMOTIONS.  And this is a VERY important ingredient when it comes to raising awareness.

So, what did you learn?  What methods from KONY 2012 can you borrow and adjust?

How about a Flash Mob?


Or a picket?

Whatever methods you decide to use during camp, HAVE FUN and BE RESPONSIBLE and CREATIVE!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mr. Morgan's Class: Free Hugs from Class 10

Free Hugs (Free Hug Campaign) are on the street, themselves, they're holding a sign "Free Hug" holding it up and waiting to hug someone.  This is just to support, to help, it's so simple!   These students who act out "Free Hugging" have joined this campaign activity to help others feel better. Some people joke about what it means and the practice, but the original meaning is to embrace spiritual healing and peace with our family and society, just to strive to do better.  The original “free hug” was founded by Jason Hunter, but there is some information that Juan Mann was first.  Anyway, Jason got the idea while at his mom's funeral.  He remembered how is mom hugged everyone and tried to give them hope.  His mom died in 2001, and at her funeral he made a simple sign and offered people who came to the event a hug.  That was the first time it was done with a sign.  Of course, we've been getting and giving hugs for many years.

In the Republic of Korea, there was a famous "Juan only" Internet video made by Australians known to be spread in earnest. In 2004, a video about hugs made it famous and popular in S. Korea.   The Free Hugs movement ~free hugs~ 'FREE HUGS'~ was written and done without pay, holding a picket sign, hugging strangers and passersby without wanting money, ' Cost -free hug ' is what that means.  In Korea, ' free hug ' or ' free hugs cycle ', as it's called, came from Sydney Australia, Juan Street and became popular as many Koreans watched a YouTube video.

OUR FREE HUG campaign at GLPS camp! We do free hugs in cafeteria or classrooms! it's a new challenge,we feel warm! how about you?  Sometimes we will feel sad or anxiety. on the first-attempt,we feel shy,but teacher and friend hug each other. we get their signature,and we can build up our courage it's not easy,but it isn't hard too! We believe that free hugs help to heal the mind! We courageously tried to share free hugs. We had to sign our names as a sign of victory. We want to become in the future for many people in South Korea...these people are the pre-Huggers.  Give it a try...just try...  Fighting fighting! Thanks for reading ^^

Here's an interesting example:
Free Hugs in Sondrio, Italy

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mr. Frost's Class 4. Methods to reduce STRESS!

Class 4 Stress Reduction Techniques

Don't miss our 4 mini films this Thursday!


Film 1: Meditation

Too much stress! How can I deal with it? There's a solution! How about trying meditation? Meditation is the act of remaining in a silent and calm state for a period of time. It is a beneficial way to reduce our stress! Does it looks difficult? Absolutely not! It's very simple! Just sit or lie down on the floor somewhere quiet and clear you mind by looking at one thing or clearing your thoughts. Then, just maintain this posture for a while. Soon you will feel your stress slip away. Also you will lose all your messy thoughts. If you are suffering from stress, try to do meditation and live a better life!  -Written by team 1, class 4

Watch our feature film this Thursday!


Film 2: Smile & Laughter

Our group thinks we should smile and laugh more to reduce stress.
There are 5 tips or ways to smile and laugh:
First, tickle your friends! We'll show you how in our movie! :)
If you tickle someone else, the person you tickle will laugh, and you will smile.
Second, tell a funny joke. If you tell funny joke your friends will laugh, you will feel so happy that you made someone laugh, and you will smile too.
Third, praise yourself and your friends. If you praise yourself, you can get self-confidence.
Fourth, play with your friends. This is an excellent way to relax and help others relax too.
By talking with friends you will know a good solution since your friends are a similar age with you. You can get rid of stress by talking to your friends. Lastly, talk with your family. If you talk with our family, you can get rid of stress by controlling your schedule and feelings.

Film 3: Time Management


These days, there are many people who feel too much stress. For example, educational stress physical stress, and mental stress can be some of the causes. You don't need to worry, we will tell you how to reduce stress.
The best method is TIME MANAGEMENT!
 It means that we must study hard and then play when we want. Make a schedule, set a specific time to study and strictly follow that schedule every day. Save time slots to do things you like. If you follow this method you will be happy.
To conclude, We think time management is great way to relieve stress. Also, we can do something we want when manage our time well.
-Written by team 3, class 4

Watch our feature film this Thursday!

Film 4: Share your feelings

We don't have to be stressed if we share our feelings. If we share our feelings, happy feelings will increase and sad feelings will decrease. So, if we share our angry feelings then our stress will decrease. We can also know other's feelings from sharing our own feelings. We can know that there are other people who stand up for us when we share our feelings. We can know other people well  and help  them too. Sharing feelings can do many things. Lets help our friends and classmates!
 "If you make someone happy, you will be happy too!"  -Jimmy Durante
-Written by team 4, class 4

Watch our feature film this Thursday!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Mr Reardon's Class 12: Burn calories, not electricity. Just walk!

Important Issues with Elevators

Today, we use elevators often when we go upstairs or downstairs.  But There are some problems when we use elevators. For example, if we use elevators often, people who disabled can't use it. Instead of elevators, we can use stairs. So, we made project, and our project's slogan is 'Burn calories, not electricity, just walk'. Our project was created to protect people's health. There are many people who use elevators often. But, using elevators cause reduction in daily physical activity. So, it cause many risk diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular. There are many benefits when we use stairs. First, we can lose weight while we use stairs. There is an analysis of calories when we use stairs. That analysis said that when we use stairs, we can burn between 7 to 10 calories in a minute. Second, we can maximizes our cardio effects. When we use stairs, we can avoid some diseases caused by using elevators. Third, it can increase core muscles and strength because it gives pressure to our knees, so we can strengthen muscles. Finally, it helps us to tone our muscles. So, using stairs is an important issue.

Elevators at GLPS

There are 4 elevators in dormitory of KMLA , 2 of them are new and the other elevators are a little old. Too many people want to go upstairs using elevator, even students who want to go to the second floor, so the elevators in the middle are stopped every other floor, the elevators on the edge are stopped more often than the middle elevator. They are stopped every floor.
Sometimes, there is shorter time to go with stairs, It is no space in elevator to do. There are too many people in elevator, so we are sometimes inserted in and we can't do anything. Then, there are no personal place in the elevator.

Class 12's Goal

There is a fat woman whose name is Alice. One day, she plans for a diet to make her body slim. She goes jogging every morning and the amount she eats reduced a lot. However, it's not easy! What's the matter? The problem is that she doesn't exercise in daily life. She always takes the elevator although her house is on the 3rd floor. One day, she saw a magazine that said taking stairs for 3minutes burns 29 calories. She put that in to action immediately and finally she could become slim.
 What we want to show you from the story is  that taking stairs is much more beneficial to you. Like the story, taking stairs can burn calories. It also has good effects on the environment. When we take elevators, lots of electricity is needed. Therefore, if we take stairs instead of elevator, it will burn calories and also reduce electricity consumption.
 Burn calories, not electricity. Just walk!


CLASS 11 thinks we should not use plastic bags!

Each year, approximately 500 billion to one trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. That’s over one million bags per minute. Over 100,000 marine animals, including highly intelligent, adorable sea turtles, whales and dolphins, and at least 2 million birds die every year because of plastic bags. They choke or get tangled in plastic or they eat plastic, leading to internal infections, starvation, and death.
Plastic bags are extremely durable. In case you are thinking of this as an advantage, just bring to mind an image of the huge landfill that you may have seen on the city outskirts. Probably, the majority of the rubbish present there will comprise of plastic bags only. Plastic bags have led to a great increase in the pollution levels.
Plastic bags have been known to cause a lot of environmental damage. A single plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to decay completely. This makes the bags stay in the environment longer, in turn, leading to a great build-up on the natural landscape. The more plastic bags you use, the greater the chances of environmental damage.
A way to avoid or reduce water and air pollution is to avoid throwing away plastic bags. You can just reuse or donate them to recycling centers. It is also a good approach to throw them into the right garbage can, which must be the non-biodegradable can.
As plastic bags won’t be easy to stop causing threats to humans and polluting the environment, doing your own way to help prevent it from getting worse is not difficult either. Just do the things that you think can contribute to the reduction of air, water and soil pollution caused by plastic bags.
Remember that changes in the environment have to start within and from you.