Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mr. Frost's Class 4. Methods to reduce STRESS!

Class 4 Stress Reduction Techniques

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Film 1: Meditation

Too much stress! How can I deal with it? There's a solution! How about trying meditation? Meditation is the act of remaining in a silent and calm state for a period of time. It is a beneficial way to reduce our stress! Does it looks difficult? Absolutely not! It's very simple! Just sit or lie down on the floor somewhere quiet and clear you mind by looking at one thing or clearing your thoughts. Then, just maintain this posture for a while. Soon you will feel your stress slip away. Also you will lose all your messy thoughts. If you are suffering from stress, try to do meditation and live a better life!  -Written by team 1, class 4

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Film 2: Smile & Laughter

Our group thinks we should smile and laugh more to reduce stress.
There are 5 tips or ways to smile and laugh:
First, tickle your friends! We'll show you how in our movie! :)
If you tickle someone else, the person you tickle will laugh, and you will smile.
Second, tell a funny joke. If you tell funny joke your friends will laugh, you will feel so happy that you made someone laugh, and you will smile too.
Third, praise yourself and your friends. If you praise yourself, you can get self-confidence.
Fourth, play with your friends. This is an excellent way to relax and help others relax too.
By talking with friends you will know a good solution since your friends are a similar age with you. You can get rid of stress by talking to your friends. Lastly, talk with your family. If you talk with our family, you can get rid of stress by controlling your schedule and feelings.

Film 3: Time Management


These days, there are many people who feel too much stress. For example, educational stress physical stress, and mental stress can be some of the causes. You don't need to worry, we will tell you how to reduce stress.
The best method is TIME MANAGEMENT!
 It means that we must study hard and then play when we want. Make a schedule, set a specific time to study and strictly follow that schedule every day. Save time slots to do things you like. If you follow this method you will be happy.
To conclude, We think time management is great way to relieve stress. Also, we can do something we want when manage our time well.
-Written by team 3, class 4

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Film 4: Share your feelings

We don't have to be stressed if we share our feelings. If we share our feelings, happy feelings will increase and sad feelings will decrease. So, if we share our angry feelings then our stress will decrease. We can also know other's feelings from sharing our own feelings. We can know that there are other people who stand up for us when we share our feelings. We can know other people well  and help  them too. Sharing feelings can do many things. Lets help our friends and classmates!
 "If you make someone happy, you will be happy too!"  -Jimmy Durante
-Written by team 4, class 4

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