Friday, January 17, 2014

Mr Reardon's Class 12: Burn calories, not electricity. Just walk!

Important Issues with Elevators

Today, we use elevators often when we go upstairs or downstairs.  But There are some problems when we use elevators. For example, if we use elevators often, people who disabled can't use it. Instead of elevators, we can use stairs. So, we made project, and our project's slogan is 'Burn calories, not electricity, just walk'. Our project was created to protect people's health. There are many people who use elevators often. But, using elevators cause reduction in daily physical activity. So, it cause many risk diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular. There are many benefits when we use stairs. First, we can lose weight while we use stairs. There is an analysis of calories when we use stairs. That analysis said that when we use stairs, we can burn between 7 to 10 calories in a minute. Second, we can maximizes our cardio effects. When we use stairs, we can avoid some diseases caused by using elevators. Third, it can increase core muscles and strength because it gives pressure to our knees, so we can strengthen muscles. Finally, it helps us to tone our muscles. So, using stairs is an important issue.

Elevators at GLPS

There are 4 elevators in dormitory of KMLA , 2 of them are new and the other elevators are a little old. Too many people want to go upstairs using elevator, even students who want to go to the second floor, so the elevators in the middle are stopped every other floor, the elevators on the edge are stopped more often than the middle elevator. They are stopped every floor.
Sometimes, there is shorter time to go with stairs, It is no space in elevator to do. There are too many people in elevator, so we are sometimes inserted in and we can't do anything. Then, there are no personal place in the elevator.

Class 12's Goal

There is a fat woman whose name is Alice. One day, she plans for a diet to make her body slim. She goes jogging every morning and the amount she eats reduced a lot. However, it's not easy! What's the matter? The problem is that she doesn't exercise in daily life. She always takes the elevator although her house is on the 3rd floor. One day, she saw a magazine that said taking stairs for 3minutes burns 29 calories. She put that in to action immediately and finally she could become slim.
 What we want to show you from the story is  that taking stairs is much more beneficial to you. Like the story, taking stairs can burn calories. It also has good effects on the environment. When we take elevators, lots of electricity is needed. Therefore, if we take stairs instead of elevator, it will burn calories and also reduce electricity consumption.
 Burn calories, not electricity. Just walk!

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  1. This is the best blog post on not using elevators that I have every come across. I am excited for Alice and her new found passion for stairs.