Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mr. Morgan's Class: Free Hugs from Class 10

Free Hugs (Free Hug Campaign) are on the street, themselves, they're holding a sign "Free Hug" holding it up and waiting to hug someone.  This is just to support, to help, it's so simple!   These students who act out "Free Hugging" have joined this campaign activity to help others feel better. Some people joke about what it means and the practice, but the original meaning is to embrace spiritual healing and peace with our family and society, just to strive to do better.  The original “free hug” was founded by Jason Hunter, but there is some information that Juan Mann was first.  Anyway, Jason got the idea while at his mom's funeral.  He remembered how is mom hugged everyone and tried to give them hope.  His mom died in 2001, and at her funeral he made a simple sign and offered people who came to the event a hug.  That was the first time it was done with a sign.  Of course, we've been getting and giving hugs for many years.

In the Republic of Korea, there was a famous "Juan only" Internet video made by Australians known to be spread in earnest. In 2004, a video about hugs made it famous and popular in S. Korea.   The Free Hugs movement ~free hugs~ 'FREE HUGS'~ was written and done without pay, holding a picket sign, hugging strangers and passersby without wanting money, ' Cost -free hug ' is what that means.  In Korea, ' free hug ' or ' free hugs cycle ', as it's called, came from Sydney Australia, Juan Street and became popular as many Koreans watched a YouTube video.

OUR FREE HUG campaign at GLPS camp! We do free hugs in cafeteria or classrooms! it's a new challenge,we feel warm! how about you?  Sometimes we will feel sad or anxiety. on the first-attempt,we feel shy,but teacher and friend hug each other. we get their signature,and we can build up our courage it's not easy,but it isn't hard too! We believe that free hugs help to heal the mind! We courageously tried to share free hugs. We had to sign our names as a sign of victory. We want to become in the future for many people in South Korea...these people are the pre-Huggers.  Give it a try...just try...  Fighting fighting! Thanks for reading ^^

Here's an interesting example:
Free Hugs in Sondrio, Italy

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